The Shiori

Japanese KAISEKI dining influenced Kyoto culinary experience at the SHIORI where is intimately small but fine
flagship restaurant of Chef TAKASHI TAKAGI 髙木貴志
built his entire chef-career in Kyoto under the philosophy of his old master Chef Mori for 京料理 KYO-RYORI & 京懐石KYO-KAISEKI
 The Perfection focused on balance of the taste, texture, colours and appearance based on seasonal theme

 OPEN Tuesday through Saturday (Closed on Sunday & Monday) Temporary closure from 6th-June and Re-open from 18-June

Dress code: Smart casual & Not to wear Perfumes or strong Cologne/body sprays

+SHIORI GIFT VOUCHER available for your thankful & loving ones at 45 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH 


Customer Notice: We have not got any Facebook account that says The Shiori: Sushi restaurant, is thought to be made by anyonelse (not by us), so please do not pass any personal details of yours through the facebook account called The Shiori: Sushi restaurant if you meant to us